Pakistan MNP Database (G) Limited

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) enables cellular subscribers to retain their mobile numbers when changing from one cellular network to another. Pakistan is the first country in South Asia to implement Mobile Number Portability, i.e., in March 2007.

Automated Number Portability Request Initiation (ANI) System:

PMD operates the Automated Number Portability Request Initiation (ANI) system based on SMS texts via the 667 & 763xx Short-Codes allowing for smooth porting of the subscribers to other networks.

  • 667 Message Service: An SMS based service, which enables porting subscribers to retrieve the information required for Number Portability Request (NPR) generation.
  • 763xx Message Service: An SMS based service, which ensures the Active Consent of subscribers to switch the number on their desired network.
  • Pre-NPR Validation Service: An API based service for the Mobile Operators, which enables them to generate the quality Number Portability Requests (NPRs) promptly and efficiently.

Porting Status Information (PSI) Service:

PMD is hosting an SMS based service i.e. Ported Subscriber Information (PSI) Message Service which provides the Porting Status of numbers via short code 76367. Subscribers can check the Porting Status of any Number by sending “S 03xx3456789" to 76367.

Porting Process in Pakistan

A subscriber is advised to confirm below mentioned points before applying for porting request:

  • Number has to be in the name of subscriber himself/herself.
  • Subscriber will not be allowed to port out a number for up to sixty calendar days for newly activated numbers or numbers that are ported-in, this period is referred as Minimum Subscription Period (MSP). Subscriber has to make sure MSP period is over to port number successfully.
  • In case of Post Paid numbers, billing and security deposit has to be paid to avoid any financial obligation at current operator’s end.
  • Subscriber has to make sure that he/she has no contract with current operator. In case of any contract current operator due to contractual obligation shall decline porting request.
  • Subscribers have to go to the New Mobile Service Provider’s Service Centre / Retailer to Request for Porting their Number.
  • The subscriber has to obtain the Name / Primary ID (CNIC #, NICOP #, Passport #) / SIM# information from the Current Network (Donor) operator database by sending text string ‘mnp’ to the designated SMS short-code ‘667’.
  • The subscriber has to forward the 667 Message Reply to the desired Recipient Operator’s MNP 763xx Short-Code as defined below:
    • 76300 for Jazz
    • 76313 for CMPak (ZoNG)
    • 76345 for Telenor
    • 76333 for Ufone
  • The CNIC received from the Donor operator, in the 667 response, will be entered in application installed in the Biometric Verification System (BVS) device and subscriber has to provide thumb/finger impression. Verification request would be sent to NADRA through Recipient Operator’s CRM.
  • Upon successful verification, the new mobile service provider (Recipient) will inform the subscriber and provided the new SIM card.
  • Subscriber need to know that all existing credit will expire upon successful porting and not be carried to the new mobile service provider. Therefore, they are encouraged to plan accordingly.
  • Porting Cycle may take 4 Business days to completely port a Pre-Paid number.

Other than steps mentioned for Pre-Paid Porting a Post Paid subscriber has to consider following points:

  • Subscriber has to clear all Financial Obligations at current Mobile Operator i.e All the outstanding dues/ Billed Amount has to be paid otherwise the current operator would reject the Porting Request.
  • Porting Cycle may take up to 13 to 18 Business Days to completely port a Post Paid number.
  • A Letter of authorization from the company containing customer name and numbers on company letter head should be provided to new mobile service provider.
  • The letter has to be addressed to Current Operator authorizing the New Operator’s Contact Person to obtain the required data for MNP.
  • The letter may be sent by the Corporate Subscriber Authorized Contact Person directly to the Current operator or may be sent through the New Operator.
  • Corporate Subscriber has to settle the Contractual Obligations (if any) with the Current Operator to avoid Rejections.
  • Corporate Subscriber has to settle the Financial Obligations (if any) with the Current Operator i.e. outstanding amount up to the time of receipt of Number Porting Request, has to be paid.
  • Porting Cycle may take up to 13 to 18 Business Days.