PMD is owned by the 4 Cellular Mobile Operators of Pakistan

PMD is a credible technology partner of the CMOs and contributes significantly towards achieving their business objectives. With more than 12 years of delivering Telco-grade Information and Communication Services to the Cellular Mobile Operators, PMD has unmatched Service Availability and Security Infrastructure.

Operational Model

PMD has a direct link with the C-level of CMO's for all Business, Strategy, Technical & Financial Matters.


PMD was established in October 2005 by six mobile operators of Pakistan, to operate the mobile number portability clearing house data center.



PMD intends to be the Partner of Choice for Pakistan’s leading Service Providers and Enterprises by delivering the most Innovative, Reliable and Cost-Effective Means of Accessing the Telecom Industry’s Big Data and Meet their Customers’ Growing Needs through the Rapid Deployment of New Technologies.


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We design & develop industry standard technology solutions that are a result of our extensive experience in Telecom and Information Technology. With a strong commitment to research and development, our products & solutions addresses both customers’ business needs and technology demand.

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State of the Art Data Centre

PMD has a team of qualified, trained and highly motivated employees providing unmatched Support to its clients on the following lines:

Operational Support

  • PMD has an 8X5 Help Desk (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mon-Fri), which has an Initial Response time of 30 minutes to the customers and a Routine follow-up with the tickets.
  • Designing meaningful and graphical analytical reports for clients to improve their business processes, when & where required.
  • Generation of Alarm and Alerts for clients to achieve their Business KPIs.
  • Ensuring timely and effective remedial measures at PMD or Client’s end for uninterrupted services.

Technical Support

  • 24x7 monitoring of PMD as well as Clients Services
  • PMD has a dedicated team of Technical Resources available 24X7, monitoring the systems and keeping the quality of services upfront at every stage. The skills of these resources can be used to perform complex technical tasks, server management, live chats, and phone support based on the customer’s immediate needs.