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Authentication Service (CMPA)

The CMPA Service verifies the association of a Mobile Number against a CNIC with the concerned Cellular Mobile Operator. The customer sends the CNIC-Mobile Number Pair in a query and the Service responds with a Yes or No.


The Mobile Number (MSISDN) has become a ubiquitous identification and the standard mode of communication in today’s market. With the prevalent security concerns and the dependence on authentic Mobile Number, it has become vitals for businesses, especially the financial institutions, to register the actual Mobile Number of their customers for undeniable communication.

The CMPA Service is a unique service that can allow Companies to find out whether a given Mobile Number actually belongs to their Customer / Subscriber. For example, a Banking Application could check whether the Phone on which the App is being installed, belongs to the Customer logging in to the Application and thus prevent any fraudulent activities. Banks could also use this service to Authenticate its Customers’ official Phone Numbers.

  • Easy setup & integration
  • Secure & reliable
  • Connectivity via VPN over internet or dedicated P2P links;
  • High performance systems with 24X7X365 availability.
  • Easy connectivity via APIs or custom interface*

Also the majority of the businesses don’t have the infrastructure or resources to connect directly with the CMOs. If a business were to connect directly to each CMO, that would require contracts with the 4 CMOs, and would require the business to have the infrastructure and resources to build 4 connections. PMD having connectivity with all the CMOs, provides one contract and one connection to each business; allowing them to authenticate their Customers’ MSISDNs across all the CMOs.

SMS Aggregation

PMD can deliver your SMS Messages to all FOUR CMOs with 100% network discovery; with the USP of the knowledge of Ported Numbers PMD can deliver SMS to Ported Numbers which currently face many challenges, especially in the Financial Sector.

  • SMS Gateway
  • Marketing Portal

PMD has the most expedient set of Data Mining tools available for the End-Users for undertaking Business Intelligence initiatives, providing them all kinds of stats about the SMS delivered along with Historical records as well as Market Research Data.

Transaction Authorization VIA USSD (TAVUS)

PMD is the Technology Partner of the CMOs that provides the Mediation Gateway to their Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Databases. PMD allows Corporate Entities to obtain Authorization from their Customers for various Services (like Cash Withdrawal from ATM, usage of Credit Card on Internet etc) via their Mobile Phone using USSD Messages. PMD provides the Front-End Interface for seamlessly connecting the Service Consumers (SC) to all the CMOs. The responses received by the CMOs are back to the Service Consumers for execute their specific business processes.

The Service Consumer (SC) would call PMD's API to get Authorization from their Customers/Subscribers. PMD would forward the request to the concerned CMO after Network Lookup (including Ported Numbers information). The CMO would send the USSD Authorization message to the Customer, which would reply with 1 to Authorize or 0 to cancel or any other option as requested by the SC.