Pakistan Mobile Number Portability Database


High Availability

PMD Datacenter is designed to offer highest level of fault tolerance at every level

Full redundancy in all production equipment including Routers, Core Switches, Firewalls, Air-conditioning, UPS

Servers are configured in clusters to offer highly available services


Access to the PMD’s facilities is only allowed for authorized personnel and based exclusively on the use of RFID cards

Full CCTV surveillance system is in place for recording at multiple points

Power Backups

All equipment deployed in the datacenter has dual power supplies

In case of Power outage redundant UPS are installed

Diesel Powered Generators are also installed in case of extended power outages

Surge protectors installed to withstand high voltage surges

Network Redundancy & Connectivity with CMOs

PMD has secure P2P Redundant Network links with all CMOs and Stakeholders on both Microwave and Fiber Optic Links configured on Auto-fail-over

Internet Bandwidth available on CIR basis on both Microwave and Fiber Optic Links

PMD’s network infrastructure consists of Enterprise class Routers, Switches and Firewalls

PMD’s network architecture is designed to achieve High Availability and Fault Tolerance at both Layer 3 and Layer 2

Business Continuity

PMD offers 99.999% Uptime for its services

PMD has a Disaster Recover (DR) site at a different location w.r.t. Production (PR) site

100% Real Time Data Backup procedures implemented

Primary & DR sites connected redundantly via Dark fiber and Microwave links.

Connected to all CMOs via P2P links, Microwave and Dark Fiber

An automatic fire suppression system is in place with fire detection sensors to safely suppress fire

All data center services are monitored around the clock with Automated Systems for immediate alerts for each critical incident.